Occulus Rift didn’t make me puke

The future is here, y'all! Okay, maybe not. I'm little late to the game. Today I tried virtual reality for the first time and I didn't puke! I tend to get motion sickness, so I was a little weary about trying it out. I've puked on a sailboat and I almost puked on the Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, but the Occulus Rift VR Headset by Microsoft did not make me nauseated at all.

I tried it at the Microsoft store in Downtown San Francisco, where they also had the Xbox One X on display. The Xbox One X is pretty slick looking, and they claim it's "the worlds most powerful console!" The game play was smooth, and I like that I can play my old Xbox One games on it. Still, I'm going to hold out on getting that one until either my old Xbox One dies or they stop making games for my console.

You can be a basketball star! Or dragon slayer!

What got me excited was the Occulus Rift. It was so cool! I tried out "The Unspoken" where I made fireballs with my hand and threw them at dragons. The world was fully immersive. Everywhere you turned there was something else to look at. I felt like the kid in Ready Player One. I could just get lost in the world. The system connects to a PC though it does come with Xbox controllers, though you have to stream your PC to your Xbox One in order to play VR. The headset it super light and the picture was clear. Apparently you can also watch movies on it, hang out with friends, and "travel through time and space".

The system including controllers costs $399.00 for a limited time (normally it's $499), which, when you consider it's basically a Tardis isn't all that much.


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