Treasure Island Flea Market Finds

I’ve been hearing about the Treasure Island Flea Market for years, but never got around to checking it out until this morning. I arrived by car at around 10:30 am and already the lines were starting to form. Parking was free but entrance was $3.

It was worth every dollar. There was booth after booth with handmade jewelry, home decor, antiques, baked goods, vintage and handmade clothing. Along with live music, food trucks and games for the kids. And you could get adult drinks (which I didn’t because I had to drive and it was only 11 am). Not to mention the spectacular views from the island of the City and Bay Bridge.

I easily could have spent a ton of money, but limited myself to the $100 my grandma gave me for my birthday (thanks Grandma!). Here are my two favorite items:

The Dinosaur Airplant holder is from Urban Concrete you can find on Instagram @UrbanConcreteSF, and the Pacman Ghost Clock is hand made by Ouh La La @OuhLaLaSF. The clock is made from a old scratched record.

The Treasure Island Flea Market is the last weekend of every month from 10am-4pm.

Thanks, nerds!




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