Ready Player One Trailer- Is it Nerdy Enough?

A few days ago, the trailer for “Ready Player One” based on the book of the same title came out. The movie is directed by Steven Spielberg (who also directed nerd-favorites Indiana Jones, Jurrasic Park, and Hook). The book was written by Ernest Cline, and was hailed as the “holy grail of pop culture”. If you haven’t already read the book what are you doing with your life?

I was pretty excited to hear about the trailer’s release. I loved the book, probably one of my top ten favorites (I’d have to make a list to be sure). What follows is my play by play reaction to the trailer:

Oh, dramatic opening. That’s pretty much how I pictured the Stacks. Isn’t that kid supposed to be chubby? In the book he’s big from sitting playing video games all the time and then loses weight. Here comes the Oasis…

How Tron looking…

OMG the Iron Giant! Was that in the book? I need to reread the book.

God the music is dramatic. Bring it down a notch. The story is supposed to be fun, tongue in cheek.

Am I ready? Hell yeah!

Lots of running. And car chasing. Lots of car chasing. Oh look, the DeLorian!


Huh. I’m not sure how to feel. Kind of let down. This doesn’t have the same feel as the book did. There were some nerdy pop culture references but the trailer seemed geared towards fourteen year old boys who enjoy watching Fast and the Furious movies and playing Grand Theft Auto, who will not get the nerdy references AT ALL. (Maybe some of them will).

And where was Simon Pegg? I was promised Simon Pegg.

While the trailer left me feeling “meh”, I’ll probably still go see the movie when it comes out. And I will definitely read the book again.

The movie is set to release March 30, 2018.

Thanks, nerds!


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