Hot Pie from Game of Thrones Opens Bakery (SPOILERS)

Arya didn’t get eaten by a Direwolf last episode, but now you can eat a Direwolf!

The actor who plays Hot Pie, Ben Hawkey, isn’t just cooking in Westeros. The 21 year old actor opened a bakery. And he called it “You Know Nothing John Dough”. I love a pun.

He makes the cutest Direwolf “bread”, made of whole wheat corn bread and orange zest. I wish I could have had a dozen of these a few weeks ago for my GOT premiere party.


Here he is playing with one. “Hello, Arya. Don’t worry, I won’t eat you.”

The bakery is in London and only delivers through Deliveroo in the UK. Unfortunately, the bread was so popular they’ve stopped taking orders. Hopefully they’ll whip some up before the series finally!
Images: Deliveroo



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